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    PT Electronics is an official Distributor of Exxelia Group

    29 Jun 2017

    PT Electronics and Exxelia Group entered into a distribution agreement.



    For over 50 years, Exxelia Group has been focusing its business on the design and manufacture of innovative high-tech solutions: capacitors, filters, precision mechanics, position sensor, slip rings, and magnetic wound components.

    Exxelia Group companies all deliver expertise in their specific fields:

    • Exxelia Technologies (ex Eurofarad) : ceramic, film and mica capacitors, filters, positional sensors, slip rings, precision mechanics,
    • Exxelia Temex (ex Temex Ceramics): radiofrequency and microwave ceramic capacitors and frequency-tuning components and materials,
    • Exxelia Tantalum (ex Firadec): tantalum capacitors,
    • Exxelia Sic Safco (ex Sic Safco): aluminum electrolytic capacitors,
    • Exxelia Microspire (ex Microspire): wound magnetic components,
    • Exxelia Maroc (ex Astema): wound magnetic components, module assembly and testing,
    • Exxelia Vietnam (ex Vertura) : wound magnetic components, module assembly and testing,
    • Exxelia Dearborn Inc. (ex Dearborn Electronics Inc.): film capacitors, filters.