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    PT Electronics is an official Distributor of CTS Corporation

    1 Jul 2017

    CTSTusonixPT Electronics and CTS Corporation entered into a distribution agreement. Founded over 100 years ago, the CTS is now the global leader in the design and manufacturing of a diverse array of electronic components, sensors and actuators. The company’s products is highly diversified and is designed for various fields of application: automotive industry, products for Railways, security systems, wireless communications, medical equipment, computer equipment, industrial equipment, avionics and high-reliability components.

    The main products of CTS Corporation:

    • Quartz crystals;
    • Crystal oscillators (Clock, VCXO, VCSO, TCXO, OCXO);
    • Radio frequency VCO’s;
    • Synthesizers (PLL);
    • Buffers and dividers;
    • Programmable capacitors;
    • Cable Drivers;
    • PECL/ECL Logic;
    • Monoblock filters;
    • Monoblock duplexers;
    • Waveguide filters ClearPlex;
    • Piezoelectric ceramic components;
    • Resistor Networks and Arrays;
    • Current sensing Resistors;
    • Ultra High Resistance Chip Resistors;
    • Potentiometers;
    • Position sensors;
    • Optical and mechanical encoders;
    • Trimmers;
    • DIP switches;
    • Tactile Switches and Minijoystiks;
    • Accelerometers;
    • Heat Sinks management solutions, etc.


    Since 2008 the company Tusonix is the part of CTS Corporation. The company’s products include ceramic resonators, variable capacitors, filters EMI/RFI filter and Assembly.